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It all started with a plan of building a breakwater to protect the coast of Bato, Leyte from the sea waves. Eventually, it turned into a baywalk after seeing its potential as a tourist spot. And indeed the idea came into a reality after it is now gaining popularity. People of all ages from nearby municipalities and even parts of Southern Leyte are visiting the Bato Baywalk for some recreation and enjoyment.

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Bato, Leyte is a fourth income class municipality in the Province of Leyte, Philippines. It was awarded 2014 Most Progressive Municipality in Eastern Visayas and is gaining strong development growth over the past years. This productivity can be manifested with the existence of the Bato Baywalk that started its construction in September 2012.

Before we look at the photos of Bato Baywalk, here’s a video I stumbled upon YouTube when it was still under construction sometime in March 2014.
I do not own this video, credits to the owner.

Now let’s see how it looks like as of January 2016 and what are the things you can do.

10 Things To Do In Bato Baywalk

1. Take a walk

Bato baywalk is an ideal place for a morning walk or a late afternoon stroll with your friends, kids and homies. Walking may be an underrated form of exercise, but it’s ideal for people of all ages.

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2. Keep calm and meditate

Stressed? You can get some air from the sea breeze while you pray with the life-sized statue of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal elevated in the middle of the baywalk.

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3. Have a picnic

Bato Baywalk is free to the public. They have lots of cottages and covered benches where you can bring food and drinks.

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4. Have fun in the playground

Kids and kids at heart will surely love the children’s playground. They have swings, seesaws, monkey bars, slides and more. I recommend you bring your kids and let them play here than staying at home playing video games.

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5. Connect with people

Of course, disconnecting with the internet and your phone is not exclusive to kids. This is a great time to connect with the people around you, bond with your friends and family, talk to them and live with the moment.

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6. Sit and relax

What I like about Bato baywalk are the benches and seats scattered around the place. They made sure you can sit and relax while you take a nice view of the environment.

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7. Go on a foodtrip

No need to worry when you are hungry, they got you covered. Snacks are available such as burger, pizza, shakes and halo-halo. There are also lots of barbecue stalls to choose from.

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8. Hangout and chill

After satisfying your hunger, you can sit back and chill with some cold drinks as well. We all love to eat and drink so Bato baywalk is just the perfect place to hangout with your buddies.

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9.  Listen to acoustic music or join the disco

During weekdays (Wed-Fri), they have an acoustic session at night. And on Saturdays, there’s a rave party or disco that is free. This would make Bato baywalk a night life hub in South of Leyte.

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10. Watch the sunset

And last but not the least, what could be more romantic than watching a beautiful sunset.

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What to look forward?

Bato Baywalk is still a work in progress and there are more things to come. One of which is the Swan Boat Rides which you can already see a few displayed in the playground. I’m also looking forward to this and will surely give it a try.

There are lots of things you can do here. You can stroll, play, dine and chill with your friends and family. It is a beautiful place to hangout in Bato Leyte.

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Have you been to Bato Baywalk? What can you say about the place? Share your thoughts and spread good vibes! 🙂

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  1. Just in time, I’m in Ormoc right now and we’re planning for a trip to South. Been to Bato for several times when I was still a kid, and I would likely want to visit the place again. Nice shots Kuya, and I love how colorful the place looks.

  2. Wow my hometown…….bato baywalk
    Gagmay pa kami diha kami mangalibang sa baybayon sa kalangaman..
    Karon Amazing……

  3. Nice blog and pictures of our town. Thanks for feauturing the Bato Baywalk. Ever grateful to your very nice write up. Looking forward for your next visit to Bato, Leyte. This is indeed a good promotion of our tourism. This was made possible thru the efforts of Mayor Nathaniel B. Gertos.

    # tourism
    # proud Batohanon
    # LGU BATO
    # special thanks to Emjae Argallon

  4. Thank you for the nice blog.. Now we have a wonder place to visit.. I hope this can be maintained.. I want to suggest to please improve the video and if possible the narration be in english or tagalog.. Thank ypu and more power! Proud of you for the effort made!

    • Thanks Ceejay. By the way I do not own the video. I just found it on Youtube and shared it for the purpose of having the idea how it looked like 2 years ago while in development phase. Hopefully next time I will make a video myself. Thanks for dropping by, cheers! 🙂

  5. It’s really nice!! The locals must be very happy to have their very own baywalk that offers so much to them as well as the tourists. I just hope those who visit will always keep the place clean and orderly. 😉


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