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haven cafe west 35 balamban cebu

the west 35 balamban cebu

If you are looking for a place to stop over in Cebu Transcentral Hiway, then Haven Cafe in West 35 Eco-Mountain Resort will be a great place to dine and chill. The cold breeze and the wonderful mountain views will surely take your stress away. It’s approximately 35 kilometers from Cebu City halfway going to Balamban and takes about 45 minutes to an hour via V-hire.

where to go west 35 balamban cebu
West 35 directory

West 35 Eco-Mountain Resort

It was a fine day when I got there together with a few bloggers. We just came from Tsuneishi shipyard to gaze a launching ceremony (read it here) and thanks to the organizers we were treated with a sumptuous lunch.

haven cafe west 35 balamban cebu

On the rooftop of the cafe is a viewing deck which gives you a picturesque 360 degree view of the mountains of Balamban.

viewing deck west 35 balamban cebu
Parking spaces. More fun in the Philippines

Seen from the deck also is the Villa which gets you close and intimate with nature literally because of their unique bathroom with transparent glass walls. For details on their rates for day use and overnight stay, contact or check out their Facebook page.

the villa west 35 balamban cebu

The Haven Cafe serves all-day meals from American/Italian to Filipino cuisine for a reasonable price. I was actually amazed by the fact that the place is really visited by groups of people when we got there. I mean it was a weekday and the place is on top of the mountains where you need to drive a winding road. It only say that it’s not just the food that is good but the ambiance and the surroundings as well.

the haven cafe west 35 balamban cebu

I was not able to take a picture of their menu as I was busy walking around. For those curious, here is a photo of their menu from a blog dated June 2012 so prices may have vary already but I think the food they serve remained the same and maybe new ones added.

Haven Cafe menu. Photo from gibberishwordplay.wordpress.com

Actually the Tsuneishi staff ordered food ahead of time that is good for 12-15 persons. What they did not know is there were only 6 of us who made it since it was a weekday and some were not available. The result? A fiesta and a full tummy! 😀

top shot west 35 balamban cebu

We had 2-3 servings for each dish below and I tell you, we had to double our appetite. 🙂

pasta west 35 balamban cebu

We had a pizza and pasta combo. Wow I was carbo-loading baby!

pizza west 35 balamban cebu
Hawaiian pizza

Do you know that Haven Cafe grows its own organic vegetables which is served in the restaurant? That is really nice to know and good news for organic food lovers out there.

fresh salad west 35 balamban cebu
Garden fresh salad

salad west 35 balamban cebu

For our drinks we had this healthy minty lemonade. It was my first time to try it and it taste really new to me but for a healthy refreshment, it is soothing.

minty lemonade west 35 balamban cebu
Minty lemonade with lemon grass
calamari west 35 balamban cebu
Calamari Fritto with spicy aioli dip

We also had some soup. It’s a good sip especially on a cool place and really helps my appetite.

tinolang manok west 35 balamban cebu
Tinolang manok

And for the main event, I drooled on the grilled baby back ribs. The meat was tender, the sauce was just right and it was mouthwatering in every bite.

back ribs west 35 balamban cebu
Grilled baby back ribs with barbecue sauce

And lastly, when we thought we had enough, we still had this delicious desert. I was literally full but I would be fooling myself if I pass on this. It has a brownie cake at the bottom and my sweet tooth got awaken.

choco lava west 35 balamban cebu
Hot brownie choco lava

I really wish I could translate everything that my taste buds received that day. It is still one of the things I am trying to work on to be a certified food blogger. I’m a certified foodie and loves food trip but I usually just rate them in 3 things: yummy, not bad and okay. This was definitely YUMMY!

Well I guess I need to practice more and that means eat more. Hehehe! For now let the photos leave a taste in your mouth. It’s for me to know and for your to find out so go forth and visit this Haven on the mountains of Balamban.

WEST 35 Eco Mountain Resort Facebook Page
KM 35 Transcentral Hiway, Gaas, 6041 Balamban, Cebu
Email add.: ecowest35@yahoo.com
Tel. No.: (032) 520-2633
Cell No.: +63 933 995 3245

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      • Nice to hear from you padee.. I admire your keen eye here and thats true.. well let’s say I just used the same feel for all the photos in this post just to be consistent if you notice, the environment is cool so I used a faded-looking watchmakollit effect and as a result some colors were lost.. I rarely shoot Raw and Ps much nowadays..heheh thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    • awww Vic.. that’d be a testament that this blog is sooo really me hahaha and also that you missed me! LOL! feeling nostalgic for the “what that” statement wayback 1st year college hehe looking forward to hangout with the gang sooooon! 😀

  1. And here I go again stumbling into food posts in the middle of the night! I have always wanted to go to West 35 but I have a hard time convincing my mom to drive all the way up. I hope that when I show her your heavenly and sumptuous photos, they’ll convince her enough! Plus the view is breathtaking!

  2. I’ve also read about this before but I’ve never visited everrr. Hehe. I hope I have my own car! Hahaha, so that it’s easier to go around Cebu. Lol. Great views and looks like really yummy food!!

    • Yeah it’s actually difficult to visit here without your own car. You can ride a van going there but the problem is going home as most of them are already full when they pass by. 🙂

  3. Look at all those mouthwatering food! Had we been there, we would literally devour everything. hehe. The next time we head south via the transcentral highway, we’ll make sure to drop by this place.

  4. I should have gone with my friend when she invited me here to hang out. Didn’t know the place was really awesome. Maybe next time. 🙂 So besides the yummy foods and sight seeing, do you have other things you can do there?


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