Mahayahay Falls: A Hidden Beauty in Matalom Leyte

Featured Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3

When I hear about Matalom in Leyte, Canigao Island comes to mind. But recently, this beautiful waterfall has been making rounds waiting to be explored – the Mahayahay falls. It is also locally known as Karap-agan falls. I am a sucker for waterfalls and if I am to choose between this and the beach, I’d honestly pick the fresh water adventure.

Coincidentally a year ago on the same day, I visited a majestic waterfall with my college friends and this time the Mahayahay falls with my high school buddies. It was the perfect timing since we just had our reunion the day before.

Service Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte

We started our road trip in Hilongos Leyte with a pickup vehicle and others on their motorcycles. After passing Matalom proper, we turned left to the mountainside on the corner where the “sabungan” (cock fighting) in barangay Caridad Norte until we reach the end of the road. This is where we parked our rides.
P.S. Park at your own risk, we can never tell when bad luck strikes. Don’t leave valuables behind.

Road To Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3

Ironically, “mahayahay” could mean “easy going” or “easy life” but  the road to this hidden beauty wasn’t easy. You will drive through a rough and rocky road, trek along the river and over a tree, literally. It was challenging but not very hard. You just need to be careful and watch your step because it is slippery, as most things wet. 😀

Tree Dead Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3

The trek took around 10 minutes but we were in a slow pace since it rained in the morning. Note that it is an isolated place so we brought our own food and drinks. It is important to wear comfortable clothes also to easily get around any obstacle. But everything will be worth it once you get to the falls.

Batch Group Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3
The mandatory group shot

Actually, it was just this year that I heard about this waterfall, thanks to social media. I have been to Matalom several times since high school days but never knew of the place. Mahayahay falls has 2 layers of water drops and for me, you should get up close to the second level to fully experience it.

It was a sight to behold as the sound of the gushing waters, coolness of the air and quietness of the surroundings will give you serenity. The thing I love about waterfalls is their unique characteristics and for me, this one offers a great package.

Wide Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3
2-layered Mahayahay falls

Arms Wide Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3

Let me tell you these 5 things that I love about Mahayahay falls.

1. Second Level Platform

The mini-platform on the second level provides a nice picnic area. Not that I suggest you eat your food here but you can sit down while you relax and have a chit-chat with your buddies. If you bring your food here, please make sure you bring with you your trash after.

Layers Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte
A nice view on the second level
Batch 05 Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3
Our batch approves this

2. Swimming Pool

You can also enjoy a mini-pool that is deep enough to jump in. But if you are planning to, please test the waters first so you know which part is shallow. You need to jump just right in the center coz other than that, you may hit a rock so be safe always.

Rain Falls Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte
The view from the drop
Nathan Fly Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte
Don’t try this at home 🙂

3. Jump Site

If you are an adrenaline junkie, like me, I’m sure you want a higher jumping site. You can do it from the second level and this time the drop zone is a little smaller. It is just right where the water drops and notice the guy in red pointing on the drop zone, he is already standing on a rock. It means do not dive head first. 🙂

Jump Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte
Jump right here

Jump Top Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte

Here’s a clip of my jump. Again, jump at your own risk! 😀

4. Beautiful Background

For photo junkies, the waterfall will definitely give you a wonderful background given you have a waterproof camera. I personally love how the water is spread to the rocks almost evenly.

JB Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3
Pinoy Machete… statue? 😀
Jane Like Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte
Jane approves this

5. Natural Shower

Last but not the least, you can enjoy the natural shower that feels like a rainfall. The water is gentle enough to give you a relaxing massage. Here you have unlimited time to be in the shower without worrying about the water.

JB Group Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3
Enjoying the cool shower!
Selfie Shower Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte
Selfie-worthy 🙂

Isn’t it a beauty? I bet this will definitely beat the heat especially during summer. That’s another reason why I prefer waterfalls than the beach coz it’s refreshingly cool and doesn’t get me super “tanned”! This is my definition of relaxation. 😀

Jane Yoga Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte

How to get there:

Map Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte 3

Matalom is a third class municipality in the province of Leyte, Philippines. It borders with Bato in the north and the last town before reaching Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

From Manila, you can take a flight to Tacloban to reach Leyte but it’s a very long drive down south to Matalom.

From Cebu, you can take sea trips to Hilongos that is two municipalities before Matalom and just a 20-minute drive. You will take a turn in barangay Caridad Norte where the “sabungan” (Matalom Sports Center) is located and take around 5-minute drive on a rocky road. You will need your own ride for this trip. Note that there are no signboards or directions to the waterfalls so your best guide would be someone who has been there or ask the locals.

Featured Mahayahay Falls Matalom Leyte

Perhaps the reason I have not heard of Mahayahay falls previously is because it’s a hidden beauty less known to many. And now as I share our awesome experience, I would like to emphasize this golden rule again and again.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.

So how’s your summer so far? Let me know what you think of this wonder and spread good vibes! 🙂

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  1. VERY NICE!! I love waterfalls too. So far the only waterfalls I’ve visited here in the Visayas is Kawasan Falls and although it’s beautiful, it’s too commercialized now. Hidden is good. Hmm. And I felt a little scared looking at the photos with you guys jumping! Haha.

  2. Such a beauty! There’s a lot of waterfalls to explore in the Philippines, let’s go on a chasing waterfalls trip soon maskin Cebu lang

  3. Ug nasuya dayun ko! You should try Iligan City soon Emjae! The city of waterfalls. The most famous one is Ma. Cristina Falls, unfortunately, d pwede liguan hehehe

  4. Hello, I am from Matalom and I am so happy to see an article regarding our place. Mahayahay Falls (originally named Karap-agan Falls) is indeed one of our hidden beauties. We have more waterfalls and caves with water from underground spring that you can swim in, just waiting for you to explore 😉

    I just have a little correction to your post. You indicated that you came from Hilongos and turned left BEFORE reaching Matalom Proper. That road is actually AFTER Matalom proper 😀

    Please do visit us again!

    • Hello Joy, thank you very much for your info. I guess I slept when we passed by the town proper. heheh Actually we were really planning to visit those places if we started in the morning. But we waited for the Pacquiao fight. I’m looking forward to visit those hidden beauties soon. Don’t forget to share your town’s wonder..Cheers! 🙂

  5. Great! I’ve been to one waterfalls yet and that is the famous Kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu. Just by looking at the photos, I’m already thrilled. It’s definitely a must visit place.

  6. Yiy! Finally, someone did a cover for this place.
    I’ve been there since it’s near from my hometown and sure enough.
    I have to agree with your thoughts mate.

    I hope you also visit did Canigao island. 🙂

    Cheers! Good read mate.

  7. Enchanting! Picturesque! Then you made me wanna go to that place thru your pogi photos. Then, I like the idea of going thru a lot of hell then taste the rewarding heaven. How I wish I could go there soon. For now, I’ll enjoy your photos!

  8. Your photos are stunning! I have been passing Matalom area and had tried visiting Canigao, Island with my workmates…Actually, my grandmother’s place is Macrohon, Southern Leyte. Have you also heard about Cambaro Cave? I have never been there but I saw pictures and the place is awesome too….I hope to see more of your adventures 🙂 #Itraveler

  9. Hi,
    I too have been there along with family and friends. It is so very enhanted fall. But they are are having issues on that place. illegal cutting of the trees and diverting sand has now restricted the natural flow of the river. Rep. Cari will be looking into it now and hoping the soonest before more damage will be done. If you are from Leyte/matalom PLease contact your local Mayor to have this look at ASAP

  10. nice photos Emjae! I have been hearing a lot of rave about this waterfalls too. It’s very majestic. I wonder if this is as tall as the one in Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu? Looking at some of your shots, it looks like this waterfalls has not been fully developed for tourists, right? I hope one day I’ll be able to visit this place when I come home to Leyte hehe! Try also visiting Uwan-Uwanan Gorge in Libagon, Southern Leyte for an adrenaline pumping canyoning.


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