Temple of Leah: When Love and Art Collide

Temple of Leah Busay Cebu City

Greece, Italy, France…these are just few of the places around the world I dreamed of visiting. If there is one thing they have in common, that’d be their wonderful architectural designs. But what if I told you that there is a place where you can get a glimpse of those wonders. What if I told you that this dream of mine just got real (sort of).

The Temple of Leah in Cebu, just like the famous Taj Mahal of India, is a work of art built as a symbol of a man’s undying love to his wife. See what love can do? 😉

Outside Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Motorcycles parked outside the Temple of Leah

This past few months I have been getting feeds in my Facebook about a place that is just amazing and refreshing to the eyes. Why? First, you rarely see this kind of architecture in Cebu, perhaps the whole Philippines. Second, it is just in Cebu so what are you waiting for?

Temple of Leah

The temple is situated atop the mountains of Brgy. Busay, Cebu City just a few meters past the Mountainview Resort and Lantaw Native Restaurant. For commuters it can be reached by motorcycle (habal-habal from JY Square Mall) preferably than a taxi because of the steep and winding road. It will cost you 75Php one-way per person and around 10 minutes travel time.

Entrance Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
The main entrance

Just by looking from outside, you can already see some sculptures in the wall. From there I knew I would be bringing home awesome photos, you be the judge.

Work in Progress

A few meters up the entrance and, lo and behold, the majestic temple of whaaaaat? Wait, why the heck do I see a bulldozer? 😮

Under Construction Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Slow down, work in progress

Okay first of all I want to emphasize that it is still under construction (as of this posting, March 2015) but most of the major parts are done. It looks like they are on the furnishing phase and the temple is expected to be completed this 2015. Still they have opened the place to the public with no entrance fee as of this post. So please keep safety as priority as not to harm yourself and do damage to the structures.

Front View Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu

Immediately you will be welcomed by two golden lion statues that really gives a roaring presence and grandeur. How royal is it to ascend the stairs with the kings of the wild at your sides. As expected these will be favorite target for some shameless selfies and groupfies. 😀 Hmmm we will get our turn there.

Lion View Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu

Upon entering the temple, you will be teleported to another place on Earth, if not yet. Some say it’s like the ancient Rome or perhaps Greece. It boasts a Roman inspired architecture.

The high pillars, eye-catching floor and intricate sculptures around the place will leave your jaw dropping and eyes wandering. Number 2 on your “selfie list” would be the center mark on the floor. (top tip)

Floor Ceiling Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu

Here is a sample peg from Aya (lil explorer/instant model). She’s 2 and been travelling with us lately so expect future cameos from her. 🙂

Aya Center Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Aya with her peace on the cheek pose

Now it’s time to meet Leah Villa Albino-Adarna, the wife of Teodorico Adarna to whom this temple is devoted to. They were married for 53 years until the year 2010 when she passed away. Teodorico, the grandfather of celebrity Ellen Adarna, decided to construct this temple as a symbol of his undying love and ceaseless devotion to Leah. You’re the man, Teodorico!

Semi Front View Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
The grand staircase

Leah Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu

The temple has 24 chambers that showcase all of Leah’s lifetime collections. But currently there is limited access to the chambers due to the ongoing work. Today, Leah is a 9-foot bronze statue seated at the heart of the temple that portrays her innate beauty, poise and gentleness.

Bronze Leah Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
9-foot bronze statue of Leah

Acknowledgment Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu

The temple is also an art gallery and museum. I was not able to check out these so I added photos from their Facebook page.

Pillars Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
High pillars perfect for some photoshoot
Archer Pattern Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Lines and patterns ideal for photography
Archer Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Playing around with the statues

At last, the path is clear and we got our turn with the lion. As I said, please always exercise caution and take pictures at your own risk. It is high enough to cause serious injuries.

Approve Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Jane approves this
Selfie Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
I don’t usually do selfie, but when I do, it’s with the Lion King.
Family HandsUp Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Of course, the family pic. Hands up!
Statue View Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Statues around the area adds character to the temple
Angels Back Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
These angel statues are very dramatic

I think the best time to visit the temple is at 4-5  o’clock in the afternoon where the heat is already bearable  and the sun is about to go down. I was hoping to get a good view of the city lights at night but currently they are closing the temple at 7PM.

Featured Image 2 Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Angel statue looking over the temple
Angel Overlooking Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Angel statue looking over the city

Speaking of overlooking view, the Temple of Leah may just become the best destination for a panoramic skyline of the city. The wide open space in front of the temple makes a superb viewing deck. And by the way, there’s a staircase leading to the rooftop that will level up your viewing experience. 😀

Top View Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
View from the rooftop

There is a good clearance, about a meter thick, from the edges as safety measures but still prone to danger for idiots. For the Nth time, safety first.

Ohh as a bonus, there is a pyramid made of glass at the rooftop right above the statue of Leah providing it a natural lighting. You know what I’m thinking? 😉

Louvre Pyramid Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
It’s like a mini version of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France. 😀
Top View 2 Temple Of Leah Busay Cebu
Just breathtaking!

Even in its unfinished glory, the Temple of Leah surely is a masterpiece. It will be a matter of time before tourists will be flocking this place like World War Z. 😀

As much as I love to promote this place, I also want it to be finished ASAP and free from distraction. Take note that it is not always open as there are days it will be off-limits for the construction. As it closes to its completion, it is possible that they will totally close the temple to speed up the furnishing and renovation. I hope everybody will respect and support that.

You may contact them at (032) 233 5032 or their Facebook page: Temple of Leah.


I can’t wait to visit it again in its fullest magnificence. Ultimately, it was a one of a kind experience and a marvelous travel destination. Well that’s what you get when love and art collide.

Have you been to the Temple of Leah? Tell us what you think and spread good vibes! 😀

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  1. I can’t wait to visit this! A lot of people are raving about this and I can see that it’s really a sight to behold. I for one want to visit once everything is finished though. You’re right, it can easily become one of the greatest attractions to watch out for in the country!

  2. I first saw this architecture when we dined with my gals at Lantaw. I’m actually very excited to see this but only when everything is finished and the bulldozers are gone from the view. ahaha.

  3. Ahhhh I really really want to visit this na especially nga wa pa mahuman kay wa pay entrance fee! Haha. I wonder how much and entrance fee once the temple is done na.

  4. The first time I heard about the temple, I have been always wishing to go there. I even planned to have our group’s event photoshoot there, but we weren’t able to make it. Hopefully the next time we go there, we’ll still be lucky to avail free entrance hehe… but I also would love to go there in time that it’s less crowded to better experience the feeling when love and art collides. Thanks for sharing their contact! 😀

  5. Can’t wait for this temple to be finished! I posted about this last month and I see now that it is indeed getting a lot of attractions. When we went there, the people wasn’t really as jampacked as this. This is definitely a sight to behold and wonder! 🙂

  6. I always wanted to go to this place!! Hopefully this month I could go there and this time, no more cancellations. 😉 Awesome pictures!

  7. I’ve been seeing lots of friends post pictures of them being there for quite a while now. I really wanna go visit the place soon but I’d prefer it if it wasn’t so crowded! Haha. Also can’t wait to see the place get finished. It really seems and feels like a beautiful mix of love and art.

    P.S. you’re family looks so cute!

  8. The place is already awesome. Did photoshoot at TOL already, but what makes it more is your photography skills and the editing style you’re doing, your photos are awesome!

    • Thanks Jeph! Hahah I appreciate your attention to details. Most of the time I’m stuck with editing until I see the mood I want. And that leads to a lot of backlogs hehehe 😀

  9. I want to take the kids there but my husband will not allow coz people said, habal habal lang masakyan because taxi drivers would decline taking passengers there. 🙁
    I feel sad that the entrance has been vandalized already! Sus, kaning pinoy jud!

    • I felt bad too seeing that vandal in the entrace part. And yes Jhanis habal-habal gyud masakyan unless if you have vehicle that can take the steep roads of Busay. Anyways you should visit the place soon. 🙂

  10. Makahinumdom ko sa kanta sa Led Zeppelin tungod sa title sa imong blog Emjae. Hehehehe! Pag-una jud nako kita anang buildinga ba, naka-ingon ko, “Nganong naa man Greek building diri sa Cebu?” Hahaha! Og sa dihang gitubag na ninyo akong pangutana. ^_^

  11. Hi Good day,

    I would like to inquire regarding for the prenup photo shoot of my friend. I’ve call thru their contact numbers suddenly those contact numbers cannot reach.
    I would like to inquire for the rate, how much would that be?
    Looking for the positive response.

    Thank You


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