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Featured Light Trails - SM Seaside Cube

The CUBE, a 21×21-meter metallic structure, is the newest iconic landmark of the anticipated world-class mall in Cebu City. The 30-hectare SM Seaside City located at the South Road Properties is set to open on October 2015 and as a preview of the exciting features to come, SM Group have unveiled the CUBE to the public last October 28, 2014. Since then, it has been a head-turner for motorists passing by the SRP.

Front - SM Seaside The Cube

Front Logo - SM Seaside The Cube

As said by one of the SM Officials, the CUBE is a tribute to the Cebuanos which represents strength and stability through the years. Interestingly, the CUBE is just an anagram for CEBU. If the Mall of Asia has the Globe, the Seaside City has the Cube.

Right View - SM Seaside The Cube
A sideview of the CUBE.

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Left Side - SM Seaside The Cube
The CUBE is equally impressive in every angle.

Sidewalk - SM Seaside The Cube

The circular SM Seaside City will be the fourth largest mall in the Philippines. It is expected to have over 800 food and retail shops (local and international brands), 4-theater cinema, 2 theater Director’s Club, a 16-lane SM Bowling and amusement center, a food court of course, an ice skating rink (a first in Cebu), a roof garden and a 150-meter viewing tower at the center. Isn’t it amazing?

SM Seaside The Cube
A prototype aerial view of the SM Seaside City.

Black and White - SM Seaside The Cube

I believe the opening of the SM Seaside City would create a major shift in the Cebu market. Years ago, the SRP is nothing but an empty lot and now you have a world-class mall capable of attracting people from all walks in life.

As a photography enthusiast, I for one is ecstatic with the unique and creative landscape and architecture it brings to the picture. And as a blogger, a lot of new shops and activities will surely be on the list for reviews. 😀

SRP Lights - SM Seaside The Cube

It will be just a matter of time before the CUBE will be recognized as the Cebu landmark with the most selfie. Right? And maybe one day an Autobot or Decepticon transformer will show up thinking the CUBE is their AllSpark. (Just kidding) 😀

So what can you say about the CUBE in SM Seaside City? Are you excited? Visit their Facebook page and share your thoughts in the comment below. 😉

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  1. I think ds mall be d third biggest right after sm megamall & Sm north edsa.. Base from Wikipedia SM Seaside City has larger GFA than SM Mall of Asia. Just a thought though.

  2. That is certainly one big cube. It’s probably solid built and stuck the ground well, but I would be a teensy bit scared it will topple over if I stood next to it 😀 Great architecture in Cebu.

  3. I’ve seen the cube when we went to SRP and it’s indeed huge and iconic! Can’t wait for the mall’s grand opening and I’m really excited to check the viewing tower and ice skating rink. BTW, I remember SM had an ice skating rink before (my favorite!) which was then turned to a Center Stage and GameZone (now called Bibo), so this isn’t Cebu’s first. hehe

  4. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia USA and I can tell you that we do not have a mall quite like this anywhere in the states. Cebu is very blessed to have investors willing to spend money in SRP. I look like forward to seeing this mall when I visit Cebu again later this year. 🙂

  5. I was in the there in Cebu last Sept 2-5, 2017 and we visit the SM Seaside City. It’s awesome! thanks for the info re “cube”. its very tiring (grabe!) in finding a food stall… lots of foods stalls! Nkkpgod s kllkad s sobrang laki ng mall, h?!


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