5 Things You Will Love About The Cebu Dream Show

Cebu Dream Show

The Philippines is very rich in culture and we all know that Filipinos are great performers too. Sometimes what we just need is a stage to bridge these two and that is just what the Cebu Dream Show brings you.

Here are 5 things that I believe you will love about this Show.

Facade Daylight - Cebu Dream Show

1. It’s the newest theater hall in Cebu

Cebu Dream Show is a newly opened nightly cultural show that is open Mondays-Saturdays having two shows per day. The first one is at 5:30-6:30PM and the second at 8:00-9:00PM. It is the building across the  Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) which is beside Bigfoot in Saac II, Barangay Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, which opened on the last quarter of 2014.

Stage Viewpoint - Cebu Dream Show
From the stage point of view

This hall can accommodate up to 300 guests which comes with unlimited drinks. It caters all patrons of ages from foreign nationals to local guests.

Sitting - Cebu Dream Show
Most of the audience were Koreans that were on a tour
Stage - Cebu Dream Show
They have wide stage for a spectacular show

2. They have talented performers

Aside from the usually expected dance performances in a cultural show, the stage is also open for a talent showcase. They also have magicians, acrobats and individual acts.

Magic Show - Cebu Dream Show
This magician is blowing the audiences’ minds
Magic Balance - Cebu Dream Show
This magician showing some tricks
Acrobatic Stance - Cebu Dream Show
Acrobatic performace that wowed the crowd
Acrobatic Performance - Cebu Dream Show
Their nail-biting performance

3. A showcase of the Philippines’ best cultural dances

You will be entertained with lively performances of the Philippines’ cultural dances. This is a great venue to showcase our rich culture especially to the foreign guests.

Banga Pot Dance - Cebu Dream Show
Banga or Pot Dance is a performance of Kalinga of the Mountain Province
Singkil Dance - Cebu Dream Show
Sayaw sa Singkil or Singkil is also a famous dance of the Maranao people
Fan Dance - Cebu Dream Show
The Kapag-aper is dance performed among the Maranao people who mainly lived around Lanao Lake
Fiesta Dance - Cebu Dream Show
A traditional Philippine fiesta celebration interpreted in a dance
Tinikling Audience Dance - Cebu Dream Show
Audience participation for the Tinikling dance

4. Foreign and international performances

The show is not limited to the Philippines but also international scenes. This is a testament of how flexible the choreographers and dancers are.

Japanese Act - Cebu Dream Show
A Japanese dance and comedy act

Japanese - Cebu Dream Show

Korean Dance - Cebu Dream Show
Korean cultural scene
Korean Dance Circle - Cebu Dream Show
Korean dance performance
Dancing Divettes - Cebu Dream Show
Think of One Night Only? This “ladies” put on a show
Divettes Head Stand - Cebu Dream Show
That headstand though! Good job

5. Colorful Philippine festivals

And last but not that least, some of the Philippine famous festivals were promoted. From the lively and vibrant colors to their energetic performances, it was a non-stop action on the stage.

Maskara Dance Jump - Cebu Dream Show
Masskara Festival of Bacolod

Maskara Dance 2 - Cebu Dream Show

Bird Dance - Cebu Dream Show
The Olanggo Bird Dance
Sinulog Shadow - Cebu Dream Show
Of course, the Sinulog Festival of Cebu
Sinulog Dance - Cebu Dream Show
This Sinulog pose

It was a wonderful experience to witness the best of the Philippines’ culture and talent. It was like a one-stop, non-stop, total entertainment of multiple variety. The Cebu Dream Show did a great job in promoting and cultivating our nation’s pride through art. By the way, their routines are changed every 6 months or without notice for a new experience.

Cebu Dream Show

I for one felt proud whenever I hear the loud applause from the foreign guests in every performance. Currently their market is partnering with travel agencies to incorporate the show to their tour packages. Not only they get to come across our beautiful beaches and spots but also the colorful culture of the Philippines.

Facade Night - Cebu Dream Show

They are open as venue for events. For inquiries, you may check them at:
Facebook Page: Cebu Dream Show | Email: cebudreamshow@gmail.com
Telephone: (032) 340 8703 | Mobile: 09297337621 and 09226592029
Spread the love and good vibes! 😀

Disclosure: Emjae didn’t receive any compensation to write this post.They invited Emjae to witness their show and all opinions shared are his own.

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  1. Great photos as always! I would love to watch one of these shows. I have a knack for these things but sad to say, majority of the theater performances and plays are in Manila. I’m glad Cebu has a new facility to help cater to this medium of entertainment now!

  2. Waaah I never knew about this theatre hall! I have always dreamed of watching a movie or a play on a theatre but never had a chance! Do you happen to know how much it costs to watch one show? 🙂

    • Hi Janine, as I remember around 1000+ I think for walk ins. A bit pricey for me. But for package tours or bulk audiences, that price is negotiable. Most of their market are foreign guests as part of their travel tour. 🙂

  3. I wish they could make this more affordable so poor locals like me could afford. Haha. On a serious note, the concept of this theater truly captures the essence of the Filipino heritage. Kudos to all the organizers and their amazing talents.

  4. Are the vignettes child friendly? I’m actually interested. I worked with a dance theater group for quite a while in Mindanao. I just hope the choreographer takes time to research every dance before creating a vignette. I’d hate to see local dances turned pop and labeled “cultural”.

  5. Wow. In fairness! Good to know Cebu came up with this. It’d be a really great way to promote our culture. Expensive though. Hehe. But I guess for tourists, it’d be a nice part of their tour package.


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